Ice cream containing paracetamol In the Netherlands

Ice cream containing paracetamol In the Netherlands. In 2016, a bakery in Holland made the dessert as a “hangover cure,” but they do not have permission to sell it because they do not have a license.

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According to a post made on Facebook, “Ice cream with paracetamol was initially develope in Holland (500mg). If you’ve got a headache, you don’t need to visit a pharmacist; all you need to do is eat a dish of ice cream. It will take the edge off.” The message was publish for the first time in 2018, however, it has since reappeared on a number of different pages and has received 66,000 shares.

Ice cream containing paracetamol

In the Netherlands, you can buy ice cream containing paracetamol.

The Dutch newspaper BN DeStem reports that in 2016, an ice cream containing paracetamol was produced in a bakery located in the village of Oudenbosch, which is located in the province of North Brabant. Jan Nagelkerke, the bakery’s owner, displayed the novelty ice cream in the window as a hangover medicine for the village’s carnival.

However, the Dutch Food and Safety Authority determine that it was not secure enough to be offer for sale to the general public. A spokeswoman told BN DeStorm: “If there is an excessive amount of paracetamol in the ice, you are need to have a license in order to deliver such a medicine. If there is only a trace amount, then it is consider a “novel food,” and in order to sell it legally in Europe, you will need a license from the European Commission.”

Ice cream containing paracetamol

You can buy Paracetamol:

Nagelkerke took the photo of ice cream with a paracetamol box in it while working on his idea. Nagelkerke said the ice cream was for display only.

It is not possible to purchase cream in Oudenbosch or anywhere else in Holland that contains the ingredient paracetamol.

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