Frizzy drinks can cause cancer?

Frizzy Drinks, and read to eat food linked to cancer and heart problems.

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One study suggests that high intake of ultra-processed foods or frizzy drinks increases the risk of CVS heart disease, bowel cancer and death.

Frizzy Drinks, and read to eat food linked:

Ready-to-eat products and ultra-processed food items include packaged baked goods and snacks, fizzy soda drinks, sugary cereals. In thisΒ  food items contains high level of added sugar, fat, and salt, and lack in essential vitamins and fiber.

A recent study published in the journalΒ The BMJ, risk of cardiovascular disease, bowel (colorectal) cancer and death lays down that high intake of ultra-processed foods is associated with an elevated.

Risk of colorectal cancer in US adults find the researchers closely examined the relation between the consumption of ultra-processed foods. Every four years the analysis were based on 46,341 men and 1,59,907 women from three large studies. US health professionals whose dietary intake. Researchers used detailed for food frequency questionnaires to get accurate results.

Frizzy drinks

The rates of colorectal cancer were measure over a period of 24-28 years taking into account of medical and lifestyle factors,. 29 percent higher risk of developing colorectal cancer the results of this study elucidate that men in the highest fifth of consumption. No significant change was observe in women on the other hand.

The findings back up other research linking highly processed food with poor health and according to the study, the overall positive solution includes making supplies of fresh and minimally processed food items available in households. But in addition, sustaining national initiatives to promote and support freshly prepared. But meals made with fresh and minimally processed foods, using small amounts of processed culinary ingredients and processed foods. We will promote public health or it will also nourish families, society, economies, and the environment,” the researchers conclude.


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