COVID-19 situation WHO meets with Chinese officials

COVID-19 situation. On the 30th of December, a high-level conference between WHO and China was held to discuss the recent spike in COVID-19 cases. The purpose of the discussion was to obtain additional information on the issue, as well as to give WHO’s expertise and additional help.

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WHO was provided with an update on China’s evolving strategy and actions in the areas of epidemiology, monitoring of variants, vaccination, clinical care, communication, and research and development by high-level officials from China’s National Health Commission, and the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration.

WHO meets with Chinese officials on the current COVID-19 situation

The World Health Organization (WHO) has once again made a request for the regular sharing of specific and real-time data on the epidemiological situation. This request includes the sharing of additional genetic sequencing data, data on the impact of the disease, including hospitalizations, admissions to intensive care units (ICU), and deaths, as well as data on vaccinations delivered and vaccination status, particularly in vulnerable people and those over the age of 60. The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized the significance of vaccinations and booster shots in protecting persons at higher risk from life-threatening diseases and death.

COVID-19 situation
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World Health Organization (WHO) demanded that China improve its viral sequencing, clinical management, and effect assessment, and it emphasized its willingness to provide support in these areas as well as on risk messages regarding vaccination in an effort to combat reluctance. The World Health Organization (WHO) has extended an invitation to Chinese scientists to participate more actively in COVID-19 expert networks, including the COVID-19 clinical management network. At a meeting of the Technical Advisory Group on SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evolution that will take place on January 3, the WHO has extended an invitation to Chinese experts to give extensive data on viral sequencing.

The World Health Organization (WHO) emphasized the significance of monitoring and the timely disclosure of data in order to assist China and the rest of the international community in developing precise risk assessments and in informing effective actions.